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Whether it’s the extensive range in nature or the Swahili inspired architecture, one cannot deny that Malindi is a destination on its own. From the pristine sandy beaches to the incomparable apocalyptic sunsets, it is a place whose beauty is not likely to fade for decades to come.

The coastal regions are well known for their laid back atmosphere. A complete contrast to the hasty human traffic jams experienced in the streets of Nairobi where even if you were not in a hurry you instantaneously become infected with overlapping and overtaking pedestrians.

Our parcels border the Globeleq Malindi Solar Farm, which is expected to be the largest solar site in Africa upon completion this year 2020. The Kenyan government in conjunction with the CDC, (United Kingdom’s investment bank) have partnered with Globeleq a world leading power producer to establish such a plant in Kenya, a first in East Africa. Construction has already begun on a $66 million plant in Malindi. It will produce 52MWp solar photovoltaic power whilst rolling out 5,ooo jobs for Kenyans.

Take the first step today. Get an 1/8 th acre plot now at Ksh 150,000 (Cash Offer) and Kshs 170,000 (Installment option). The price is inclusive of all transfer charges. Mother title deed is in our name.

BUY NOW, CALL +254 709 789 000 / Diaspora number +254 716 490 653


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