Ma Youth Na AMG Realtors

AMG Realtors is proud to launch ‘Ma-Youth na AMG’ . This is a platform that allows all youth in Kenya between the age of 18 – 30 to become landowners. With this new initiative, we want to empower Kenya’s youth to start investing as young as they can in order to invest in their future. Take this chance to put your future into your own hands.

Bet ni Ku-Invest na AMG!

These parcels (1/8th Acre) are exclusively for Ma- Youth na AMG and they are going for Kshs 100,000. This can be done by a one off payment or through paying Kshs 10,000 every week for 10 weeks.. And owing to the close proximity to Mt. Kenya Wildlife Estate and Maiyan housing development the plots can be used for multiple purposes i.e. Holiday homes, Home hotel cottages or for speculation.

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